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Instead through patience and understanding, create a climate where the other person feels safe enough to begin to lower the wall of protection on their own and in their own time.

Visit Here: Michael Fehlauer has been married to Bonnie over 30 years.

– but in the end, if they feel anything like “I listened to her, I was nice to her, I did this and that for her, tried to give her what she wanted… But then there are the ones who then respond with anger – all women are really bitches, women *say* they want a nice guy but they really only like assholes, etc.

Think about the ENTITLEMENT reeking from this – if I’m a nice guy, I deserve to HAVE YOU.

The bubbly little girl blowing past you like a cool breeze of air filling the atmosphere with the soft yet hypnotizing music of her laughter, will leave you spell bounded!

If you are male and reading this you might be thinking, “but, hey, I *am* a nice guy! Here’s one definition from Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog: Nice Guys™: The “™” marks the difference between men who are genuinely nice people and men with entitlement issues who wail “but I’m a nice guy! There are two types, which often overlap in one individual: All too often we hear self-professed “Nice Guys” complaining about why they can’t get a date, and whining that women just want to date jerks, etc. The truth of the matter is that there are genuinely caring, compassionate, decent, fun guys out there who have NO TROUBLE meeting people, getting dates, and having relationships.Unfortunately, many of the guys who DO have trouble, insist that women don’t want them because they are “too Nice”.These people who call themselves “Nice Guys” can’t see that THEIR OWN behavior is the problem. acting in a manipulative, patronizing or obsequious fashion, these guys sabotage themselves and often blame “all women” for their misfortunes.” part. It means that there are a LOT of guys out there who are “nice” to women, but aren’t really treating women as persons. These are the guys that comment on your Facebook post, start a conversation with you that actually seems to be intellectual, but within a short time, will shift to trying to pick you up. There may be a modicum of real interest in the original topic, but eventually objectification rears its ugly head.There is one thing you will notice about the resources - they don't have an active link. The reason is simple - links are dynamic and change constantly.

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