Dating a graflex speed graphic

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The Speed Graphic was available in 2¼ x 3¼ inch, 3¼ x 4¼ inch, 5 x 7 inch and the most common format 4 x 5 inch.Because of the focal plane shutter, the Speed Graphic can also use lenses that do not have shutters (known as barrel lenses). Setting the focal plane shutter speed required selecting both a slit width and a spring tension.

early models had a flat bar viewfinder, followed later by models with a flexible wire viewfinder. The Graphic back (also known as the "Spring Back") retains the focusing screen and hood assembly to the back of the camera using a pair of wide flat springs.I have a Crown which is very close to yours in #, with what I think are original lenses, both with close serial numbers, and it dates to around 1957. Schneider's numbers are approximate, as their web site indicates. My camera does not have any of the codes shown on the site, so based on Kevin's information, it looks like my camera is about the same vintage as me! Crank out the focus rack past the drop front and look at the under side of the H shape. There are numerous charts on the web for doing this lookup.Note: Using the text, table, or images on this site in an ebay auction without permission is a violation of your ebay Terms of Service.

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