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Your parents were complete strangers before they started dating.

The majority of the Jedi got killed by Old Palps in Order 66. But then, of course, Luke killed Palps and his own father, all the while bringing back the Jedi.

Her boyfriend at the time, Ben Force, has plead guilty to strangling and suffocating Dyke during an hours long beating last March 1 and 2.“He was suffocating me.

And he tried to break my neck and gouge out my eyes.

The girls in Starbucks comparing notes from the weekend. Dueling it out at a Gym on the app is essentially a dance-off in real life.

Searching for a "Gym," aka a bar or club, and then trying to take control with your squad (#Team Blue all the way).

She was earlier reportedly dating Moto GP champion Valentino Rossi.Since March, she has spoken at other events and has participated in Turningpoint's new support group for teens and young adults.This is Hannah Dyke one day after her boyfriend, Ben Force, beat her. Hannah's outward injuries have healed but she has continuing problems from the head injuries she sustained and still deals with emotional trauma from her ordeal.Police were alerted and Dyke was taken to the hospital. And while the beating ended for the night, the trauma for Dyke never will.“I have a wall around my heart”Most of the outward signs of the beating--the bruises, the cuts, the patches of hair that were pulled out--have healed.The scars remain and Dyke says that reminds her of what she’s been through. I’m not so naive.”Dyke said she’s been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.“I had to get my wisdom teeth out and I freaked out in the chair,” Dyke said. But I think it was the combination of being strapped in the chair..feeling of being trapped and helpless..the dentist hovering so close to me..the pain that brought me back to that beating.”How it all started Dyke started dating Force in April of 2014, her junior year of high school.“At first, he treated me like a princess,” Dyke said.

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