Hot dating spots

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Perfect for the bold couple unafraid to put their courage to the test.

Go out on a limb for love at Treeclimbing Kansas City.

Read through their findings below to find out the first date spots that will either help or hinder you from scoring that second date.

Honestly, I've been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and it was pretty awesome.

It's best to go at night for there will be lights on the rink to guide you in case one of you gets scared or loses balance.

Unfortunately, the live band scene seems to have left the city completely, because you won’t find a single live band playing anywhere.

I totally understand why taking someone there would guarantee a second date.

On the other hand, I've never been to “Bangers and Lace,” but I could see how a place like that might not be really San Francisco is my hometown so OBVI I paid some extra attention here.

Can you and your date sleuth your way out of a locked room before the 60 minutes are up?

Hold hands and brave the Haunted House Capital of the World.

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