Iceman radiocarbon dating

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If, as we believe, the Iceman had died in Val Senales, it would be reasonable to assume the following events.

Only after archaeologists had a chance to examine Otzi, so-named for the mountain range where he was discovered, did the stunning truth of his age come to light.

Scientists analyzing bone and tissue samples from Otzi discovered that he likely died somewhere between 3239-3107 B. Owing to the amazing preservative properties of ice, researchers were able to analyze a portion of Otzi's stomach and lower intestine to reveal the last meals he ate before his death.

Roughly eight hours before the end, they discovered that he had consumed a meal of einkorn grain and a mix of cooked red deer and goat meat.

Carbon dating tests show that the well-preserved body of a prehistoric human hunter found in an Alpine glacier last year is 5,000 to 5,500 years old, scientists reported yesterday.

The first scientifically established age for the frozen corpse is more than 1,000 years older than original estimates.

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