Ri general laws post dating checks

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In most cases, NSF checks are not considered under the bad check law if they are used to pay an antecedent debt.Therefore, if a debtor gives a debtor an NSF check to pay a note payment or to pay an invoice that is on account, the act generally does not fall within the bad check law.The reader should keep in mind a few points in using this book as a reference guide.First, as the result of court decisions, the passage of new statutes and the ever-increasing march of technology in the workplace, the law in this area is constantly changing.In states that make a distinction regarding a felony or misdemeanor, the amount of the check usually determines if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony.In several states the law provides for fines and or imprisonment, but does not specify if the crime is misdemeanor or felony.The ACLU of Rhode Island offers to the public a free 36-page booklet entitled “Your Rights to Workplace Privacy in Rhode Island.” As its title indicates, the booklet answers commonly-asked questions about employees’ privacy rights in the state. It's important to remember this booklet serves as a general guide and cannot serve as a substitute to consulting with an attorney.

The Summary is intended only as a general guide and in the main addresses' checks presented in payment of business or commercial transactions.Fortunately, there are some important limits on employers’ actions in this regard, due in part to a variety of state laws that the Rhode Island General Assembly has passed to protect employees’ privacy rights.This booklet is designed to provide some answers to basic questions about those rights.In some states there is a criminal offense only when the bad check is given in exchange for property or for a present consideration.In other states it is a criminal offense to issue a bad check with intent to defraud or with knowledge of insufficient funds.

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