Updating drupal core

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If your version is not listed, use the 'View all releases' link.

This section assumes that you have already installed Acquia Dev Desktop and synced it with your applications on Acquia Cloud.

This page explains the differences between the terms 'updating', 'upgrading', and 'migrating', as it relates to Drupal core, so that you know where to go next depending on what you want to do.

Note: For updating/upgrading Drupal modules and themes, Jump down to the 'modules and themes' help-box below.

This page describes three ways to upgrade Drupal core: The easiest way to upgrade Drupal core for an Acquia Cloud application is to use Acquia Dev Desktop, which provides a full Drupal-specific stack that includes Apache, My SQL, and PHP.

You can use Acquia Dev Desktop to develop Drupal applications locally on your computer, and then sync it with the same application on Acquia Cloud.

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