Updating fedora 15 to 17

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These include the KDE Spin, the Cinnamon Spin, the XFCE spin, the Security lab, and the Fedora Design Suite.Click on the Fedora edition, Spin or Lab you want to download and copy to your new USB.This provides a “building-blocks” style partitioning GUI for sysadmins and enthusiast users who are familiar with the details of storage systems.Also, we’ve made and included many improvements in security, improving user experience and reducing the risks of the digital life.1) Install Cent OS 7 minimal install A) Network & Hostname 1) Turn on the ethernet interface 2) IPv6 settings (leave as is) 3) IPv4 settings (either options a or b) a) Leave as is (DHCP) continue with install, and run qmt_after reboot and before QMT install.

updating fedora 15 to 17-34

updating fedora 15 to 17-16

updating fedora 15 to 17-13

updating fedora 15 to 17-41

Updating will delete Courier and replace it with Dovecot.

2) # curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/scripts/master/qt_3) # chmod 755 qt_4) # ./qt_--- automatic reboot --- 5) # ./qt_6) # toaststat send: up (pid 1323) 1517 seconds smtp: up (pid 1324) 1517 seconds submission: up (pid 1325) 1517 seconds send/log: up (pid 1316) 1517 seconds smtp/log: up (pid 1311) 1517 seconds submission/log: up (pid 1314) 1517 seconds systemd service: clamav-daemon.service: [ ] ( Multiple processors only ) * Update Cent OS 7/QMT 1) # yum update 2) # yum --enablerepo=qmt-testing update * Use chg_to switch between djbdns-localcache, pdns-recursor, or bind DNS server. 20-APR-2017 1) STARTTLS plaintext command injection vulnerability. 4) This patch fixes the STARTTLS plaintext command injection vulnerability. *Thanks to Frederik Vermeulen and others who made these fixes and features available to the Qmail community.

* During the Clam AV install the virus databases are downloaded. The download may be well under 5 minutes but may take as long as 30 minutes..more. 2) Any to CNAME DNS patch * Qmail-1.03-3 is ready for testing on Cent OS 7. Will be available in the repository after testing satisfactorily. 1) The latest Qmail-TLS patch from Frederik Vermeulen's Qmail-TLS site. * N-DJBDNS (New djbdns) Added to QMT/Cent OS 6 and 7 repositories as an alternative to djbdns, pdns-recursor, and bind.

After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.

Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.

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