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Not much new to say about the venerable 700R4 transmission Chevy by General Motors.

Used almost exclusively by Chevy and GM in nearly every circumstance an automatic overdrive transmission was deemed necessary.

With that in mind, a rebuilt T700R4 is the obvious choice. When I bought it it had a 3 speed automatic transmission in it, which worked great, but without overdrive it got 10 miles per gallon, period.

I think the cost will surprise you, on the low and affordable side, so bear with me. I adore my truck, it is not very fancy and has few luxuries except for air conditioning, I challenge any new truck owners truck to out drive my gem, track better, stop better and have the same sold ride control. In about 2000 before I sold my transmission shop of 26 years (sold in 2006), I decided to swap the 3 speed for a T-700R4, I wanted better gas mileage.

I just pulled out my old 350 SBC and I'm starting to collect parts for this swap.

October 23, 2010 Hey everyone, I decided to do an LS6 Swap into my 1963 Nova so I figured I'd document it on here.

I've found all the LS tech-ers on this website to be very helpful and by posting this thread, maybe I can help out someone else out down the road.

Other automatic overdrives were available for General Motors cars, their success never equaled that of the T700 and those were eventually dropped.

It was discontinued in about 1992 or ’93 for the computerized version called a 4L60E.

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